Why excellent customer service in the telecoms industry is critical for resellers

By Dave Carroll- 1805/2017

It’s an unfortunate fact but customer satisfaction in the telecoms industry has a reputation for being somewhat under-par. A recent report by the Institute of Customer Service indicated small levels of improvement but telecoms was still sadly the lowest ranked sector in the UK.

Although these reports and statistics are based largely on service to end-user customers, it’s also recognised that customer service from telecoms providers to their reseller partners is also somewhat lacking. But how can this be changed?

Well here at Zest4, we’re committed to be different. We don’t treat our partners as just another ticket number…we pull out all the stops to support them in whatever way they need.

One service model does not fit all!

One of the difficulties that resellers tell us they face is that they don’t receive a personalised service from providers. Customers are often not able to speak to an actual person but are directed to a website or another automated option. This means there is no chance of building a working relationship and no chance of receiving personalised support.

The team at Zest have many years’ experience of supporting partners in the telecoms space and completely appreciate that every partner is different. We take time to form close working relationships so we fully understand our customers’ unique and specific needs. We then put together tailored solutions, providing total flexibility. Yes, we have a range of off-the-shelf service models but none of them are set in stone – we can absolutely tailor them to build a bespoke solution to suit our partner’s requirements.

How can resellers provide a good service to end-customers when facing the challenges of buying from multiple providers?

Margins within the telecoms market are often tightly squeezed so resellers need to offer a broad product range to maximise their profits. But this usually means working with and buying from multiple suppliers, which can be challenging as they all have different ways of working and different service processes.

By working with Zest4, however, these difficulties can be prevented. We offer a comprehensive range of unified communications solutions, all from one central place, so resellers don’t need to go direct to other providers. And by working with us, resellers will benefit from consistency in processes and consistency in service, plus the benefits of friendly and approachable team.

Can the big network providers really offer the right service levels that resellers need?

One of the biggest challenges that our partners tell us they face is poor customer service from the mobile network providers. With mobile such a large part of many resellers’ businesses’ today, this can have a detrimental effect on their ability to provide quality customer service to end-customers which can in turn have a negative effect on their turnover. Partners are made to feel removed from the process and left out in the cold with no attempt from the network providers to understand the partners’ needs.

With Zest4, however, things are very different. Our team has vast experience in mobile solutions which enables us to support resellers effectively with account management and billing. We have strong links with the network providers which enables us to tailor our solutions and provide resellers with competitive tariffs and packages for end-customers. And all this provided by a hardworking, knowledgeable and highly dedicated team.

To find out more about reseller support from Zest4 and how we can help you grow your business, call us on 0161 956 3355 or visit www.zest4.com.