Zest4 is an experienced multi-network MVNO IoT provider in the UK
We are a multi-network IoT MVNO
(Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
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We have vast experience across a diverse set of applications covering the full spectrum of IoT use cases
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IoT Provider in the UK

4G DATA SIMs with Fixed IP

Zest4 is an experienced multi-network IoT & M2M managed connectivity service provider in the UK with years of experience in the IoT, Mobile Voice and Data markets. Zest4 have vast experience across a diverse set of applications covering the full spectrum of IoT use cases.

Zest4 offers access to a complete range of tariffs from many global mobile network providers, as well as numerous roaming solutions and international capabilities. Zest4 can also provide future-proofed wireless connectivity – beyond cellular, integrating satellite and low-power wide-area (LPWA) networks into a secure managed and monitored solution.

Active Sectors

Connectivity as a Service

Zest4 customers rely on us and our services in order to deliver the world-class secure solutions that meet real world needs. Our success lies in delivering what you really need, backed up by world-class support. We will work with you to understand your requirements now and continue to do so as your business develops. We understand he need to be agile as things need to change in order to meet the new challenges.

Our service is built from many different elements including coverage, network platform, technical support, billing and connectivity management to name but a few.

Zest4’s connectivity services integrate all the elements required to successfully answer that fundamental question, now and in the future. We can provide an IoT Connectivity solution that works over any network, anywhere, anytime. As well as the ability to track, monitor and manage data use, ensuring that it is easily recorded and billed – down to the very last KB.

Secure Resilient Network

In order to ensure the most secure and resilient solution is provided to our customers, Zest4 utilise an award winning secure network for many of their IoT and M2M solutions.

Cellular connectivity services are only as good as the underlying networks and infrastructure. Zest4’s resilient network infrastructure seamlessly interfaces multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and provides secure, real-time management and visibility of the connection to your devices.

The Zest4 fourth generation, redundant network infrastructure is located in dual data centres in East London and Maidenhead.

The Zest4 managed M2M connectivity service runs on a fully resilient network with high-availability and full dual site redundancy. Multi-homed connections to major backbone networks ensure second- to-none connectivity availability and bandwidth capacity.

This state of the art network has been designed to fully support the capacity requirements of high bandwidth solutions such as bonded 3G and 4G to our network offering the level of control and monitoring, as you would expect from an industry leading M2M connectivity platform.

Zest4 Connect Network Diagram
Online SIM Management Portal

Zest4 Connect enables customers to manage their entire SIM estate – both existing and new connections, irrespective of the underlying mobile network through a single pane of glass.

The simple graphical sorting nature of the portal allows users to quickly drill-down from many thousands, to a group or even a single SIM with just a few clicks.

Reports can be run and exported and alert levels viewed. Monthly data use is monitored in real-time displayed instantly on screen.

The Benefits of Working with Zest4
  • Leading industry experts in M2M & IoT solutions for businesses.
  • We provide a ‘one stop shop’ global approach for all M2M and IoT connectivity needs. Including connectivity management and data integration over any network.
  • The ability to consolidate an entire SIM estate under one platform with one experienced award-winning M2M connectivity service provider.
  • Eradicate the need for multiple MNO service relationships and costly infrastructure such as multiple leased lines, RADIUS servers, VPN links and routers.
  • Bearer agnostic connectivity management platform. Future-proofed beyond cellular: low-power, wide-area and pole-to-pole satellite communications integration.
  • Bespoke reporting & SIM activation via a single online portal (Zest4 Connect). Data management tools in real- time (capping and alerting) available upon request.
  • Simplified service provision through one fixed IP address, reducing cost to serve and operational complexity.
  • All technical queries managed through one team irrespective of MNO.
  • One invoice for all SIMs under commercial management & consolidation of International capabilities.
  • Fixed private IP available across all MNO’s as standard.
  • Fixed public IP available across all MNO’s for an additional monthly fee.

Zest4 have a number of strategic partnerships that provide managed connectivity services to customers across the globe, with 545+ Mobile Networks in over 220+ countries globally. Providing private secure connections whenever and wherever you need them.

Multiple Bearers

Whether you need LPWA, GPRS, 3G, 4G, Circuit Switch Data, SMS, voice or satellite – all are available via a secure managed and monitored service.

Single or Multi-Network (Roaming)

Zest4 is Mobile Network Operator agnostic, we enable customers to achieve their goals by understanding the features of each MNO and combining them with our capabilities to produce the right service package.

Our aim is to enable you to connect securely and consistently across any / all network providers. Our connectivity solution offers private 3G / 4G connections to Telefónica / O2, Vodafone, Hutchison 3G, Orange, T-Mobile, Sure, Manx, KPN and Tele2 and their respective global platforms. This connectivity enables you to benefit from both single and multiple-network coverage options to suit your individual applications.

For more exacting requirements multiple-networks on one SIM are also available from a variety of underlying operators.

Fixed IP as standard

CaaS from Zest4 provides fixed private IP addressing as standard. When coupled with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection the device initiates the connection and your systems can also initiate the connection to your devices when required to via a secure private network.

Simple Setup - Single APN

The Zest4 network allows customers a single Access Point Name (APN), irrespective of the underlying Mobile Network simplifies device connection and enables access to devices across a private network. When coupled with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to Zest4’s infrastructure, the devices become part of your own private managed network, without the cost and challenges associated with developing the infrastructure and managing mobile network relationships.


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