IoT Connectivity for CCTV

IoT connectivity solutions for CCTV deployments - connected
devices that are secure, network resilient and cost effective.

Private, secure connections - whenever and wherever you need

A CCTV network is only as good as the connectivity used to power it, knowing this Zest4 have created leading edge IoT connectivity solutions for CCTVEnabled by our multiple strategic partnerships that provide managed connectivity services to customers across the globe, with 545+ Mobile Networks in over 220+ countries globally. 

Connect securely and consistently across all network providers

Zest4 offers private 3G / 4G connections to Telefónica / O2, Vodafone, Hutchison 3G, Orange, EE, Sure, Manx, KPN and Tele2 and their respective global platforms – enabling you to benefit from both single and multiple-network coverage options to suit your individual applications.

Mobile Network Operator Agnostic

We enable our customers to achieve their goals by understanding the features of each mobile network operator and combining them with our capabilities to produce the right service package.

CCTV is now common place across the UK. It is the most frequently used piece of security equipment across the nation.
In 2021 there are almost 700,000 cameras in London alone.
There's almost 6 million cameras across the United Kingdom.
That's 1 camera for every 13 people and this is growing daily!
Zest4 Connect
We utilise an award-winning network for our IoT & M2M solutions to ensure the most secure, IoT connectivity for CCTV is provided to our customers.

Our resilient network infrastructure seamlessly interfaces with multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). This provides secure, real time management and visibility of the connection to your devices; offering the level of control and monitoring you would expect from an industry leading IoT connectivity platform.

Bespoke Tariffs

We offer a range of bespoke tariffs to meet your unique requirements and budget with the right amount of data security for your CCTV solution.

Get unlimited data on a single
network SIM with fixed IP.
If you don’t need unlimited or high-volume bundles we offer a range of smaller bundles with fixed IP. Contact us.

For full network resilience we offer a range of bundles built on a SIM that will utilise any of the 4 UK networks to ensure optimal connectivity.

Fixed Private IP is provided as standard on all our SIMs and a Fixed Public IP can be added, if requested.

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