Internet in a Box
Instant connectivity for the modern workforce, wherever they might be.

Internet in a Box - Rapid Deployment 4G Solutions

We've discovered that many people are experiencing
bandwidth issues at home, but why?

There has been a big increase of streaming & gaming during the working day.

Lots of devices using home broadband connections at once.

People living in rural locations have no access to a decent broadband service.

We can help your customers stay connected using a 4G solution with speeds up to 150Mbps

We have created some propositions that will enable a dedicated broadband connection at home that is just for business operations.

What's included?
All you can eat
unlimited data tariff
A pre-configured
plug & play router
24 month plans with single
monthly payments
More information
There are 2 product variants:

A base level router designed for the single user and we also have a higher spec device for those that are likely to want multiple users in the same property.

*If your customer would like to continue using the device after the initial 3 month plan the cost of the hardware will have been covered – the monthly charge for the solution will then drop to cover the data subscription.

After battling with bandwidth at home with my son last week, I set up one of these and now have my own dedicated connection at home on 4G.  It also acts as a great failover solution for the office in the future.