The future of connected cameras has arrived – The KP2 connected-camera can save transport companies £1’000s in bogus insurance claims


The use of vehicle telematics systems is becoming increasingly popular amongst fleet operating companies across the UK. But vehicle tracking and driver monitoring systems are becoming even more sophisticated with the introduction of connected-cameras.

By enhancing vehicle telematics systems with cameras, fleet operating companies can not only monitor the well-being of their vehicles and their drivers more closely, but they can also collect live footage which can be invaluable in the occurrence of an insurance claim against them.

Using video cameras to record journeys isn’t something that’s completely new. Cyclists have been using cameras for some time, particularly on the busy streets of London where motoring incidents between vehicles and cyclists are an unfortunate daily occurrence. By videoing their journeys, cyclists can often prove that a motorist was at fault and that their lack of vigilance was the cause of their, often severe, injuries.

For logistics companies operating heavy good vehicles, insurance claims can be a significant and costly issue. In fact, many companies are sadly targets for fraudulent claims by other dishonest drivers. Without hard evidence and a lack of witnesses, it is often the lorry-drivers’ word against the car drivers’, and the lorry-driver is frequently blamed.

By kitting out vehicles with connected-camera, such as the Smart Witness KP2, Fleet Managers can collect a raft of data and information that will protect their company and their drivers against fraudulent claims. As well as providing video footage of the vehicles on the road, the KP2 records routes taken, mileage travelled, start/stop times, direction of travel and general driver behaviour statistics, all of which can be useful in the event of a claim.

Video evidence is recorded and stored onboard the device and, when an incident does occur, it is sent back to head office within seconds so the Fleet Manager is instantly alerted and can immediately take control of the situation.

The Smart Witness KP2 has already proven its worth among several HGV operating companies across the UK. For example, HGV driver training firm CRH Transport Training were losing £1,600 per week due to bogus insurance claims. On installing SmartWitness cameras, they saw an immediate effect and have eradicated the problem of fraudulent claims against them. The savings they made meant that they saw a return on their investment on the cameras within six months.

Video telematics systems are another innovative application that utilises M2M technology to collect and communicate data, which can help save organisations money and improve their operational efficiencies.

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