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Bulk SMS

A simple, quick, and secure way to send messages to multiple groups of customers with real-time analytics.

Bulk SMS

Business SMS for every scenario

One platform to create,
send and get analytics

Increase engagement
with your customers

Simplify the
customer journey

Online SMS Gateway

Effortlessly create and send SMS campaigns quickly and easily to individuals or groups.

SMS Gateway API

Enable integration directly with various business applications, websites and software using our market-leading SMS Gateway API.

Features & Benefits

Coverage and Routing

We have more direct connections than any other message provider. Our engine also finds the shortest path to delivery for every message.

Real-time Integration

Integrate your systems to send messages easily. Receive and react to messages in real-time and automate responses.

Rich Personalisation

Personalise messages using our dynamic elements and placeholders with our customer data platform.

New SMS Experience

Use Verified SMS messages by Google to deliver a new SMS message experience keeping up with today's chat apps, as well as being verified.

Partner Success

21 years

21+ years in service

Short Message Service, aka SMS, is the most familiar channel to all mobile users as it was one of the first mobile communication channels to become available. You are almost guaranteed to get an SMS through to customers.

SMS Envelopes

Simple, yet powerful

It remains simple and a quick method for delivering text messages to all types of mobile devices, and unlike other chat apps, doesn't require internet connectivity. It is also a secure and fast channel for two-factor authentication.

0 %

of adults keep their smartphones within arm's reach.

0 %

of people open a text within 4 minutes of receiving it.

0 %

of people will click the URL in an SMS, compared to just 4.2% for emails.

0 %

SMS campaigns receive an average response rate of 30%, compared to email campaigns, which is 4%.

Easy to add to your portfolio today

Take advantage of our expert SMS advice to add value, boost engagement and improve ROI from your customer's SMS campaigns.

Bulk SMS is available on TextHub from as little as 2p per SMS.

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