The key features of machine to machine solutions

The ‘Internet of Things’ is growing at an unprecedented pace with multitudes of devices becoming connected every day. Telecommunications resellers are advised to act now to unlock the opportunity available within this expanding marketplace and ensure they offer the latest technology. “But what is M2M all about?” and “What features

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Unlock your M2M potential with Zest4

You may not realise, but the largest growth markets in the M2M arena are probably already doing business with you. A number of industry sectors are wholeheartedly embracing the ‘Internet of Things’, so if you have existing customers in these sectors, they are highly likely to want to buy M2M

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Why telecoms resellers shouldn’t ignore M2M solutions

The continuing rapid growth of high-tech mobile devices and the increasing demand of businesses to always stay connected, is forcing organisations worldwide to invest time and money into the ‘Internet of Things’. According to technology research and advisory company Gartner, approximately 4.9 billion connected things will be in use in

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The importance of offering Office 365

Office 365 is taking the nation by storm. The move to ‘The Cloud’ and the escalating trend towards mobile devices has made Microsoft’s online business software the fastest growing in the software giant’s history. But, while end-users are champing at the bit to benefit from this sensational software, many communications

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The value of selling mobile

If you think that it’s fruitless to extend your product range and sell mobile solutions to your customers, then think again! There’s actually more margin to be made from your business selling mobiles to your existing customers than there is for another provider to supply them. In this era of

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