How M2M Solutions Help You Cut the Wire for Connectivity

As technology continues to develop at an incredibly rapid pace, so too does the opportunity for businesses to reap the benefits that technology can offer.

Connectivity is no longer restricted to those in the office, tethered to their desks by multitudes of wires. The emergence of enterprise-grade 4G routers now means that connectivity is available anytime and anywhere – and with no wires!

Whether you’re running an outdoor event, starting up in a new location or simply don’t have a fixed business abode, an enterprise-grade router will give you all the network access you need to run your business efficiently and effectively.

At Zest4, we’ve been working hard to give resellers a host of solutions to help end-customers cut the wire for their connectivity. We’ve teamed up with Cradlepoint to offer a range of enterprise-grade 4G routers that are easy to install and provide instant cloud-based networking solutions. There’s a router model to suit all needs, but users can benefit from…

  • Internet access from day 1: With a Cradlepoint router, customers can benefit from internet access from day 1. No need to wait for an ISP or for fixed-lines to be installed.
  • Compatible with multiple networks: Our routers are designed to work with any mobile network so there are no complicated set-up or configuration requirements.
  • Peace of mind security: Cradlepoint routers have built-in security protocols that are PCI compliant ensuring your data is secure. Credit and debit card transactions can be safely processed.
  • Flexible tariffs: Working with Zest4, resellers and end-customers can benefit from variable tariffs that can be flexed up or down as data requirements change.

Enterprise-grade routers are not only the perfect solution for businesses out on the road but they’re also the perfect failover back at the office. It’s a fact of life that fixed-line faults sometimes occur, so to protect your business against downtime and disruption, an enterprise-grade router offers a back-up solution.

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