Why Flexibility is key to Zest4’s success in supporting resellers

Why flexibility is key to Zest4’s success in supporting resellers?

By Rob Foster

I’m all for moving with the times and embracing new technology – portals, automated processes, simplicity and so on – and in today’s increasingly technological society, these things are all required as a foundation for every business. However, there’s one traditional thing that has remained in constant demand throughout the years in the channel business and that’s ‘Flexibility’.

As a wholesale Unified Communications provider, Zest4 has always had flexibility at the heart of our business. We give reseller partners the ability to talk to our team and enlist our help to solve a problem and come up with a solution for an end-customer.

Our ability to be incredibly flexible has been key to the success of Zest4’s business and will continue to remain so to help resellers succeed in the ever-changing communications marketplace and to maximise potential from exciting new technologies.

Why is flexibility so important for resellers?

Here at Zest4, we completely understand that no customer is the same. Different customers have very different requirements, from different billing rates, different equipment requirements, different technology solutions and integration considerations, varying contract length requirements, commercials terms, network preferences…and so on.

In order to help our reseller partners to win in this changeable marketplace, we’re committed to bending our processes, being creative and having a ‘can do’ attitude to any challenge that’s presented to us. That’s what makes channel management exciting and it’s why we enjoy coming to work at Zest4 every day. It’s also what successful relationships are built on and what makes Zest4 stand out from the crowd.

What do our partners say about Zest4’s ability to be flexible?

The feedback I get regularly from our partner channel is that we’re easy to deal with – nothing’s too much trouble and there’s always someone there to help, even in the evenings and at weekends, ensuring that our partner’s end-customers receive the very best service possible.

Our flexibility is also key in helping partners to retain business over the long-term. It’s one thing winning business but keeping hold of business is very different. By continuing to add to our product portfolio and continuing to enhance our range of support services, our partners can be assured of a continuing evolving proposition that they can use to support their own customers today and beyond.

To find out more about products and support services from Zest4 and how our flexibility can help you grow your business, call us on 0161 956 3355 or visit www.zest4.com.