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Once perceived as a niche product delivered by a handful of specialists happy with small revenues, the IoT market has now become common place in our channels, sharing little in common with long-held perceptions. Future IoT prospects are now beyond doubt, but despite this brightening outlook for many key players

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Making the most of the connectivity in your moving assets

One of the biggest challenges of putting a SIM card in a moving asset is that it always needs to be connected as the coverage overlaps and gaps with mobile networks. But as we all know, no single mobile network has blanket coverage and where one network offers a full

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Why Anywhere SIM is the perfect solution for lone workers

It’s actually quite surprising to realise but there are a significant number of people who spend a large part of their day working alone. In fact, according to lone worker safety experts, People Safe, there are around 8 million people in the UK who are classed as lone workers –

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Zest4 and their partners climb to new heights together at the O2

The team at Zest4 are still ‘on cloud nine’ after their recent win at the Comms National Awards 2017. And to show their partners how they could be ‘flying high’ together, the Cheshire-based wholesale UC providers recently hosted an exclusive conference which involved a climb to the top of the

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Demystifying the difference between a Public IP and a VPN

I’ve been deliberating for a while on whether to write something on the subject of Public IP’s and VPN’s but there still seems to be some confusion between the two amongst resellers and their end-users, so I thought it would be useful to share my knowledge. Here at Zest4, we

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The importance of face to face contact in building business relationships

Digital communication methods such as texting, email and video conferencing are fast becoming the norm for both consumers and businesses alike. But with these digital methods gradually replacing face-to-face contact in the world of business, what impact is this having on relationships, particularly when working with partners and resellers where

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M2M and IoT a huge attraction at Channel Live 2017

Myself and the Zest4 team had a fantastic 2 days at the inaugural Channel Live event at the Birmingham NEC last week. It was great to catch up with many familiar faces but also to meet some new ones too. As we expected, there was a huge buzz around M2M

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Why Anywhere Sim is the perfect solution for UK businesses

Despite the mobile phone networks each reportedly covering over 95% of the UK population with 3G and/or 4G connectivity, there are inevitably areas where coverage is poor. And for each mobile network, the quality of their signal can be affected by various factors such as the network’s phone mast infrastructure,

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Wholesale Billing – the benefits of customer ownership

By Rob Foster Over the last 4 to 5 years, we’ve seen some significant shifts in the mobile arena. An increasing number of mobile dealers are moving to a wholesale model, and increasing numbers of fixed, data and IT partners are integrating mobile into their portfolio when previously they would

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