Is IoT a better data solution for my customers?

The simple answer is yes…

But, let me give a little more insight into why this is. Most data only solutions that are being deployed, are designed to be deployed once and to do the job it designed for without any further interaction being required. This usually means that remote access to the device is required. To do this you will need a data solution that offers a fixed / static IP address. Whilst a Mobile Broadband SIM may seem a competitive option at first glance, getting MBB with a fixed IP is going to prove difficult.

Real time, easy access

Easy access and real time data are also normally a critical requirement. Using an IoT SIM with a fixed IP you will then have the option to route the data via a private APN. By doing this it will allow real time visibility of the data utilisation and real-time access to the device.

A true IoT provider will give you access to a SIM and data management platform that will allow you to get access to this information, enabling you to report and make changes to your SIM base; meaning you can not only manage the end devices but also the data they consume and ultimately the costs. You will be able to do this from any location which is critical.

Connectivity is at the heart of IoT

Critical connectivity is also a factor that should be considered when selecting the right data solution. There is no point deploying a device into a location where coverage is limited or considering a solution where the device being used is mobile and will be in a different location each time it’s used. A regular connectivity challenge that occurs at the most inappropriate time where the network selected, experiences congestion or an outage. All of these have a real impact on a proposition that requires a constant connection or data feed. Using an IoT SIM can provision a SIM to use all networks. In simple terms, if the network it is using goes down or is not available the SIM would use an alternative network. Giving you the best possible chance of maintaining a secure and consistent connection.

Security for the ultimate peace of mind

Security is a factor that can not be overlooked when selecting the right connectivity solution. A MBB SIM will use a public APN for transmission of data, this means it is using the same APN as every other user of that network. By utilising an IoT SIMs with a private APN you can add an element of security to the data that just can’t be achieved on MBB.

Long term solution

Then, think about the longevity of the roll out. A MBB SIM is designed to work for 12 – 24 months and then be swapped out for the next one. It has not been designed for industrial use therefore is subject to damage and degradation from vibration etc. This leads to the question – ‘What is the point in deploying a solution that is designed to be in use for a 5 – 10-year spell if the SIM won’t last that long?’

Data usage

Finally, some would say most importantly there is the price of the data and cost of running a solution. There is a big misconception that IoT SIMs and IoT data is more expensive than MBB. This is not always the case. Using MBB you usually have to pick from a defined set of bundled tariffs. 1gb, 3gb 5gb etc. But what if you only want 500mb? Or what if you want 2.5gb? You probably have to buy more data than you need to get the data you require. With an IoT solution through the right provider you can usually completely bespoke your data requirements meaning you only purchase what you need. Add to this that you will be able to aggregate the data across your whole estate enabling SIMs to share the data and have real-time visibility of data usage. This enables you to optimise your data bundles requirements much more effectively and of course, lower the cost of the ongoing usage.

Is it a yes from you too?

So, there you have it – why Iot Is a better data solution for your customers.

Before you think about using a MBB SIM as your connectivity solution consider IoT, give me a call on 0161 956 3355. I will ensure you get a bespoke connectivity solution that will undoubtably be a better all-round solution and service for both you and your customer.

By Anton Le Saux