No More Network Outages

No More Network Outages

Were your customers affected by the network outages for cloud telephony on Friday 31st January? The majority of the UK was affected in some way because of a fibre break, leaving businesses without connectivity, customers unable to contact them and undoubtedly losses in sales and consumer dissatisfaction.

This isn’t the first time for an outage of this magnitude, and it won’t be the last. If you have been in this industry for any time you will have experienced some form of network outage and felt the pain from your customers when they experience this.

In an eight-month period throughout 2019 each and every UK network provider experienced at least one major outage (some more than one):

O2 – March 2019

EE – May 2019

Vodafone – June 2019

H3G – October 2019

Any outage, no matter for how long, or covering how much of the UK, will have a significant impact on users and create a ripple effect of costs incurred and frustration leading to a negative impact on business.

There is a solution.

The problem with a standard single network SIM is that if the network, or a cell-site, goes down, or gets busy and congested, you and your customers will not get service.

But, what if you could use a different network when this inevitably happens, seamlessly transferring connectivity to have no interruption of service?

You and your customers can. A roaming SIM will solve this problem. If it can’t find a network, it will automatically connect to another. Having this capability has historically been very costly, however…

Zest4 have now sourced a reliable solution, without a premium price-tag.

Providing you with a roaming SIM and a per GB rate equal to, and in some cases better than, what you get today from a single network supplier.

Working alongside our other solutions, this data will use our own secure APN and route through our award-winning platform and secure network. Our Partners will still have all the usual capabilities to aggregate data, set caps and alerts and have real time visibility of the data.

We have created different levels for this solution, so there will be an option to suit every business and budget.

If you think your business, or more importantly your customers’ businesses, will benefit from this capability get in touch.