Wandera Mobile Security

Wandera Mobile Security

As a business you are aware of the risks associated with working online, sensitive documents being hosted in the Cloud and customer data management. No business would keep themselves unprotected from cyber threats on their hardware and office systems, and yet, smartphones tend to be forgotten about.

With flexible working practices on the rise smartphones are enabled with more capabilities, this key piece of technology is a gateway for businesses and an easy target for cyber criminals.

Having noticed this huge gap in the marketing, Zest4 are now partnering with Wandera to bring security solutions for mobile technologies.

One single security solution for all your remote users, that spans use cases from threat protection to content filtering and zero trust network access, and covers smartphones, tablets and laptops. One unified analytics and policy engine that lets you configure once and apply everywhere.

A range of deployment options can be combined for one enterprise to ensure you have the right solution for each use case, while catering for any ownership model. You can dial the security up for corporate devices in a regulated environment, while maximizing privacy and seamless connectivity for your bring-your-own-device users.

Get in touch with your account manager to find out how you can introduce Wandera to your customers, and keep their entire business secure and safe.