Connected Logistics

Connected Logistics

We’ve previously written blogs about Smart Cities and how connectivity can help with building management as well as failover connectivity for retailers, so how can IoT (the Internet of Things) help with the logistical chain?

As such a critical part of the supply chain, logistics was often overlooked by SMEs as too expensive to monitor, however with options from as little as £10 a month, it is now an affordable and, some might say, essential way to keep every business on-track.

As well as vehicle telematics tracking movement and how a vehicle is being driven, it is possible to monitor temperature, shock, humidity, gas levels. This gives any business visibility over their entire supply chain, allowing them to review strengths and rectify any weak points before they become larger-scale issues.

By tracking your goods throughout an entire life-cycle of the product it reduces asset losses and gives you the ability to predict if there might be an issue and allows you to rectify it before it goes wrong.

Keeping connected while your assets are on the move needn’t be difficult, our portal will give you real-time access to a multitude of data, giving you everything you need to know in one pane of glass. It will keep your assets and your staff safer, save your business money and keep the supply-chain more streamlined.