Critical Connectivity and Failover for Retailers

Zest4 Failover Example Graphic

Many retail businesses rely on landline connectivity to take credit card payments, run in store inventory processes and provide free Wi-Fi to customers.

If a problem occurs with the landline or fixed wire connection, this can have a significant impact on business operations, resulting in loss of revenue and frustrated customers.

Providing a cost-effective, secure and reliable back-up option offers peace of mind and an uninterrupted service for staff and customers.

Cost Effective

Zest4 provides flexible pricing packages based on location, data usage and technical requirements. This means we can offer a cost effective solution for any business of any size making sure they are always connected and can always trade.


The rapid deployment solution provided from Zest4 allows a Layer 3 provider to deliver cellular backup to retail outlets using the Zest4 network this means they are always connected and always open for business.


Zest4 offers secure cellular connectivity via all UK networks, plus a number of multi-network roaming options. All of the data is routed across our own secure private network giving real time visibility of data usage as well as the required security for the solution.

Zest4 has successfully enabled Service Providers to deliver flexible, cost-effective and resilient connectivity solutions to a wide range of retail businesses, including national restaurant and coffee shop chains, national high street retailers, branch networks and international retail brands. Zest4 offers flexible commercial and technical solutions using fixed, aggregated & PAYG models and roaming or singular network tariffs over 2G, 3G or 4G. Thanks to this flexibility, Service Providers can provide tailored connectivity solutions to retailers to keep them connected.

Zest4 enables Service Providers to deliver:

  • Multiple Mobile Network Operators
  • Rapid deploy Internet Breakout
  • Rapid deployment MPLS CE
  • Rapid deployment customer site connectivity
  • Cellular backup of a primary line – Internet Breakout
  • Cellular backup of a primary line – an MPLS CE node
  • Cellular connected MPLS PE

From Coffee Shops to High Street Chains, Zest4 keeps businesses connected.

For more information on what this or our other connectivity solutions can do for you or your customers, or if you want to find out more about how IoT could benefit your business get in touch: or go to to see how you can become a Zest4 IoT partner.