Plug and Play Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics

IoT is a global opportunity, it is expected that there will be 50 billion connected devices by next year.

There is year-on-year growth for IoT and vehicle telematics is one of the areas at the forefront and driving this development.

Earlier versions of vehicle telematics were clunky, expensive to run and needed to be hard-wired in to the car or van, making the initial outlay costly too.

Not any more, Zest4 Vehicle Telematics are easy to use, as the title suggests, plug it in and away you go. As vehicle fleet owners (be it one car or 100 cars), you need to make sure your brand is being represented on the roads properly and you have a duty of care to whoever is behind the wheel.

The Zest4 Plug & Play will enhance driver safety and reduce fleet operating costs.

In real-time you can track direction, speed and driving behaviour of a vehicle. Through the online portal you will have full visibility of your drivers, making sure they are safe and any incidents are reacted to instantly.

Through the portal you can set alerts across a host of options from acceleration, speeding and harsh breaking, to disconnection of devices and whether a vehicle is being towed. You can also geofence vehicles, to be notified when a defined area is left or entered.

In our comprehensive run through of the device you will see how easy the portal is to navigate and the exact benefits you will get from using it, including a full case study of a customer who wanted to reduce speeding and accidents through improved driver behaviour.