Using low power connectivity for building management

Using low power connectivity for building managementIoT is transforming how businesses work, we are tracking to see 20 billion connected live devices by 2020.

Anton Le Saux’s webinar, that can be found here on our YouTube channel, will give you the insight you need.

He talks you through how we are helping our partners understand the opportunity of IoT, and how we can help you sell IoT to your customers. Gaining long term revenue for your business.

Broken down in to a manageable agenda of:

1. Introducing an alternative connectivity solution – LoRa WAN

2. Manage a building – making it smart.

3. Demonstrate our LoRa WAN smart building.

IoT is not just about cellular connections, a connected device is anything that can communicate or pass data to another connected device or solution, without any human interaction.

LoRa WAN is opening the possibilities of connection, without the need for Wi-Fi connections, things that were previously impractical, or impossible to connect.

We hope this helps your understanding and if you need more information, you know who to ask.