Zest4 Smart Spaces

Internet of Things - Smart Buildings

Smart spaces are physical places that use IoT technology to facilitate efficiencies as well as enabling better working and socialising capabilities. These spaces can be anything, from domestic dwellings, building sites, hotel complexes to hospitals, where IoT technology can start to connect them, building smart cities of the future, now.

There are many benefits for creating smart spaces, predominantly to create cleaner, greener, more efficient, safer environments for us to all live, work and create in.

Under the umbrella term of Smart Environment, we can make spaces greener and more efficient by tracking usage and how that environment is working for the people using it. For example:

– Smart spaces will use intelligent lighting, to have lights on only in spaces that are being used.

– Ambient controlling of temperatures, to ensure that spaces that are being used are consistently heated.

– Seasonal awareness technology can be implemented to reduce the impact of temperature changes.

– Smart parking and traffic reduction technology, cutting emissions in smart cities.

All of the above (and a host more) have been attributed to saving 15-25% on energy costs, reducing carbon emissions and therefore making our living urban environments healthier.

By making working environments smart you can begin to realise the benefits that having flexibility for your workers brings, raised productivity will come from creating healthy and comfortable spaces for those people. By reacting to the preference of the people using the spaces, through individual desk lighting and having ventilation and heating bespoke for each user. IoT connected offices are safer, not only for data security but also in access control and malware detection.

Using cloud technology (we offer 8×8), you can integrate your entire office system, from meeting to sharing work spaces and to monitoring calls. Truly connected staff, wherever they are based, wherever they are working.

Smart homes are becoming a normality, fitted with connected technology and AI enabled software, allowing us to control our homes through smartphone apps. From turning lights on and off, to setting heating controls in rooms with the most usage, to knowing who is at the front door – all viewed through the screen of a smartphone.

As well as giving users utmost convenience, smart homes, and installing connected sensors, can also give peace of mind. Imagine having a sensor connected in an armchair or providing information of zones being used in a house, triggering an alarm if there is no or limited movement for any length of time.

All-in-all Smart Spaces are being developed as part of Smart Cities, giving users the ultimate experience for comfort, health and prosperity where they can.

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