Wi-Fi For Transport now available at Zest4

Zest4 - Wi-Fi for Transport

Wi-Fi For Transport now available at Zest4 – A happy customer is a returning customer. For public transport ways to improve service is fairly limited; improved seating, newer vehicles or reduced fares. But all of these are expensive and will erode margin.

For minimal outlay and maximum customer satisfaction, Zest4 give you the ability to offer free on-board Wi-Fi to customers.

It is a prerequisite of modern-day life; with smartphone or tablet, always on and always accessible, whether you’re in a restaurant, a retail outlet or on a train – free Wi-Fi. With Zest4 you can take this capability and roll it out through taxi-cabs, vans and coaches, any transport you want to.

By installing the Zest4 compact Wi-Fi system transport companies will be able to offer their customers the best of travel with comfortable seating, a smooth journey and consistent connection to the internet. This would open up coach travel for business customers, as continuing work will be possible.

For the operators there are multiple benefits; the return custom of happy patrons, data collection from those customers using logins to track usage and what they’re using the services for.

The new Zest4 compact Wi-Fi system is designed to be the ideal performance solution for fast and secure Wi-Fi on minibuses, taxi cabs, buses and coaches.

The self-contained unit requires no external antenna allowing for a speedy, simple installation and easy portability between vehicles.

Alongside passenger Wi-Fi connectivity the Zest4 Wi-Fi system features a secure Wi-Fi Accessory Channel. On-board systems such as next stop announcements, CCTV and ticketing systems can connect wirelessly to the Accessory Channel providing a full-featured and secure connected Wi-Fi system.

The System comes complete with a 4G data sim with managed connectivity and can offer any size of data bundle to meet the requirements of any organisation.

If any partner has a customer that sits within the transportation sector who don’t currently offer Wi-Fi to their passengers, then please drop us a line and we’ll talk you through this simple option.

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