Why selling hosted telephony is good business

With over 70% of UK businesses now estimated to be using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and 3.2 million ISDN users expected to come online over the next 10 years, there’s never been a better time for telecoms resellers to get involved. The market is rapidly growing and there’s a huge opportunity for resellers to grow their revenues by offering hosted telephony solutions.

But how do resellers get started and how can they convince their customers to embrace this new technology?

Selling hosted telephony really is as easy as 1-2-3. It’s a ‘no-brainer’ for customers (as they say) as the benefits are rife.

Cost savings are the biggest point to highlight with huge savings to be made on business phone calls. As calls are made and received over the internet, call rates are much lower than those incurred from traditional PBX systems, and in many cases, calls are absolutely free.

There are also a substantial savings to be made on equipment and hardware costs. With hosted telephony solutions, the system is held and managed in the ‘Cloud’ so there’s no need for customers to invest vast capital costs.

Hosted telephony solutions also help customers to improve business efficiency. The ability to re-route calls to a mobile phone and the option of ‘one number anywhere’ enables seamless flexible working.

So how do resellers get started selling these solutions? Well, that’s easy too…

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