Why mobile is a good failover for businesses

Connectivity is a hugely important element of most business operations today. Keeping all areas of the business connected – whether onsite or out on the road – relies on a robust and reliable connection.

But as we all know from experience, things do sometimes go wrong. Whether it’s the force of nature or an unexpected incident, fixed line connections can go down. And with the reliance on technology greater than ever, when lines do go down, business operations simply grind to a halt, which costs business owners valuable time and money.

Many organisations do try to plan for such an event and often choose to get a second fixed line installed. Whilst this does reduce the reduce the risk of downtime, it’s by no means failsafe. Every fixed line connection does ultimately link to the same local telephone exchange, so should a fault occur at the exchange itself, all fixed lines will be affected, leaving the business with no connection and operations on hold.

There is another back-up solution however – a mobile broadband connection. Using M2M technology, Enterprise Grade Routers offer a failsafe option for businesses large and small. Routers can quickly and easily be configured and installed, and remain plugged in should a fixed line error occur. If the fixed line goes down, the business owner can switch to the mobile data router and connectivity resumes with no disruption to the business.

The added beauty of a mobile connection is the ability for routers to connect to any network. So should there be a service issue with one mobile network, the router will simply connect to another network, ensuring continuous service once more.

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