Why M2M solutions are a ‘must’ for the taxi industry

Contactless payment is now a familiar sight on London’s busy underground network. Helping users to avoid the ticket queues and move around more quickly, this revolutionary solution has changed the transport system for the better.

But while contactless payment has made a firm impression on the London underground, the same cannot be said for the rest of the London transport network, particularly taxi cabs.

However, the evolution of M2M technology is changing all of that.

By the simple installation of mobile broadband, taxi drivers can now benefit from a host of tools and apps that will help improve their business…and the service they offer to passengers.

Smartphone Apps such as Uber and Hailo are already popular amongst cab drivers, with Wired magazine recently reporting that 40% of London cabbies use ‘Hailo’ to help them gain extra business. By maintaining a constant and cost effective Wifi connection, taxi drivers can access these apps and benefit from the information they provide.

Mobile broadband in taxis also provides additional benefits for passengers. In our increasingly busy world where time is of the essence, passengers can access the internet to catch up on work emails or plan their day ahead. In fact, the reliance on mobile Wifi has become such that a recent survey of transport in England reported that 45% of emails are opened on the move.

Contactless payment is also becoming a reality for taxi travel with the development of mobile payment solutions. All-in-one taxi booking and payment facilities are also now available such as ‘eeZee taxi’ from the Payment House. Customer will no longer need to worry if they have cash for their journeys and this will open up a potential new customer base for taxi firms UK-wide.

Contactless payment has become such a way of for Londoners that Transport for London (TfL) recently announced a new ruling for black cab drivers. All black cabs will be required to accept card payments for their fares by October 2016 which will make journeys swifter and simpler than ever before.

This move towards mobile broadband within taxi travel opens up a wealth of opportunities for telecommunications resellers across the UK. Many resellers will already be supplying mobile solutions to taxi firms and drivers, so the opportunity to upgrade their solution is within easy reach.

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