Why Go Rugged vehicle telematics solutions are perfect for construction equipment

If you work with customers that own or lease yellow plant and other heavy-use construction equipment, you’ll know that they have daily challenges that cause them real issues. I’ve been working with a few construction customers of late and have noticed that there are some common issues…

1. Ensuring the security of assets

You don’t have to drive very far along a major road or motorway in the UK before you spot a piece of equipment on the side of the road. Millions of pounds worth of equipment is left unattended at the end of every working day so it’s inevitable that things occasionally go missing. So being able to track assets, receive alerts on any movements and know where they are (should they go walkabouts) is crucial for machinery-operating customers.

2. Engine running hours and maintenance

Unlike cars that are serviced at periodic intervals based on their mileage, plant and construction machinery is different – it’s serviced based on engine running hours. This can be difficult to monitor, however, but knowing what use a piece of equipment has had is critical to the maintenance schedule.

Then there’s the issue of unplanned maintenance. It’s often difficult to know when something is going wrong before it causes a significant problem, so a hefty repair bill can sometimes appear when you least expect it to.

If you’re a company that hires out equipment, monitoring engine hours can be a real challenge as you rely on third parties abiding by the contracts terms and telling you what use the equipment has had. And then there’s issue of knowing what fuel is being used and the consumption levels. If you’re a company hiring equipment on a daily or hourly rate, monitoring all of this can be a real headache.

But all these problems could be eradicated with the ability to have real-time, 24/7 visibility of equipment. And now your customers can have 24/7 visibility with the Go Rugged telematics device from Zest4.

A new addition to our range of M2M and IoT solution, our Go Rugged device enables users to keep their projects on-time and on-budget.

Construction operations are known to be dynamic, with multiple sites in operation, diverse assets in use and crew on-the-go all the time. The Go Rugged solution helps companies to track and maintain construction and heavy equipment vehicle assets, as well as providing key data insights and real-time information to help streamline operations and maximise profitability.

The Go Rugged telematics device has also been designed for operating in harsh, external conditions. The IP67 rated device is the ideal solution for tracking and monitoring heavy equipment, yellow plant, powered trailers and other heavy-duty assets.

The Zest4 Go Rugged solution gives operators real-time information and data including..

  • Complete visibility of the workforce, assets, and costs
  • Tracking of fuel usage and idling trends
  • Monitoring of engine hours and PTO usage
  • High-performance GPS technology
  • Advanced dashboard reports
  • Open platform for easy data integration

Uses and recommended deployments include…

  • Heavy equipment
  • Construction assets
  • Utilities
  • Oil, gas and mining
  • Farming
  • Trucks
  • Powered assets
  • Trailers and generators

If you’d like to find out more about providing this type of solution to your customer and generate long term revenue for your company, give me a call or speak to one of the sales team at Zest4. Call 0161 956 3355 or visit http://www.zest4.com/mobile.php