Why Anywhere SIM is the perfect solution for lone workers

It’s actually quite surprising to realise but there are a significant number of people who spend a large part of their day working alone. In fact, according to lone worker safety experts, People Safe, there are around 8 million people in the UK who are classed as lone workers – that’s 22% of the 31.2m UK working population.

You may not have really considered it but lone workers come in many guises…from sales people to estate agents…from nurses to lorry drivers…builders, gas & electricity meter readers, cleaners and many, many more. They may not be out on their own all of the time, but when they are, their employers have a legal obligation to carefully consider health and safety risks and ensure their well-being.

There are many ways that risks can be reduced such as risk assessing, training and implementing best practice policies, but one of the most important factors in ensuring lone worker safety is enabling workers to keep in touch and report back to base.

In this age of advanced mobile technology and the constant evolution of Smartphones, keeping in touch should (in theory) be easy to do. But unfortunately, due to the infrastructure of the mobile phone networks, there are often occasions where lone workers may be out of reach. Despite their good intentions, there are areas of the country where some mobile networks have better coverage than others, so committing to one particular network won’t guarantee you the coverage that your lone workers may need.

But there is a now a solution to poor and intermittent mobile coverage – the Anywhere SIM.

Recently added to our product portfolio here at Zest4 and now available for resellers to offer to end-customers, Anywhere SIM is an innovative virtual mobile network that provides users with seamless roaming across three mobile networks. This ability to connect with any available network from a single SIM is the ideal solution for lone workers as they can be assured of continuous connectivity and be able to make and receive calls with no interruption in service. With continuous connectivity to the internet-of-things, employers can also monitor the location of their workers and be alerted of any potential difficulties that they may be having, and provide the assistance that they need.

Communications resellers wishing to find out more about Anywhere SIM should contact Zest4 on 0161 956 3355 or visit http://www.zest4.com/mobile.php