Unlock your M2M potential with Zest4

You may not realise, but the largest growth markets in the M2M arena are probably already doing business with you. A number of industry sectors are wholeheartedly embracing the ‘Internet of Things’, so if you have existing customers in these sectors, they are highly likely to want to buy M2M solutions from you too.

  • Transport: Helping management teams and drivers to keep in touch and manage their daily operations, transport companies are using connected systems such as signature capture devices, taxi software, vehicle tracking, insurance cameras and vehicle data solutions.
  • Healthcare: Connected systems and devices are integral to hospitals and GP surgeries to facilitate patient monitoring, carry out clinical trials, help with assisted living and issue patient reminders.
  • Construction: Helping to manage busy building sites and ensure schedules are maintained, connected devices can enable effective equipment and site monitoring and provide Wi-Fi solutions on brownfield sites.
  • Property Management: Remote access to intelligent buildings assists property management companies in providing around-the-clock security and surveillance services.
  • Manufacturing: With effective M2M solutions, manufacturing controllers can monitor and manage production lines from wherever they are.

For communications resellers who have not yet expanded into M2M solutions, Zest4 can help and support you to unlock these valuable opportunities and add revenue to your business. Our unique partner programme provides end-to-end sales support offering resellers fixed line, mobile, hosted telephony, data solutions, as well as M2M data SIMS.

The Zest4 team of highly skilled consultants have extensive knowledge on M2M data SIMS and will provide help, advice and training to ensure you maximise profits from machine to machine solutions.

Want to find out more about how Zest4 can help you start making money from M2M? Get in touch by calling 0161 956 3355 or visit http://www.zest4.com/machine-to-machine.php.