The key features of machine to machine solutions

The ‘Internet of Things’ is growing at an unprecedented pace with multitudes of devices becoming connected every day. Telecommunications resellers are advised to act now to unlock the opportunity available within this expanding marketplace and ensure they offer the latest technology.

“But what is M2M all about?” and “What features does a solution provide?”

At Zest4, we offer our reseller partners a comprehensive M2M solution. Here are some of the key features that our proposition offer…

  1. Shared data across your fleet of SIMs: no need for costly individual data allowances
  2. Automated bars and alerts: once a pre-set amount of data has been used
  3. Notifications, alerts and rules: to fully customise a solution to your customer’s requirements
  4. Data capping: to prevent unexpected charges in the case of data spikes
  5. Self-service transactional tools: to enable you to fully manage your customer
  6. Fixed IP SIMs available: giving you flexibility and choice
  7. Management reports: a whole host of management reports including real time diagnostics
  8. Simple revenue share options
  9. No minimum order quantities
  10. A dedicated M2M web portal: for both resellers and end customers to fully manage their SIMs

By becoming a Zest4 M2M partner, you’ll be able to offer your customers a machine to machine solution that fulfils their individual needs. You’ll also benefit from the back-up of a team of knowledgeable consultants who will help and guide you to unlock the M2M opportunity that is waiting for you.

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