The importance of offering Office 365

Office 365 is taking the nation by storm. The move to ‘The Cloud’ and the escalating trend towards mobile devices has made Microsoft’s online business software the fastest growing in the software giant’s history.

But, while end-users are champing at the bit to benefit from this sensational software, many communications resellers are still sceptical of its value or are simply unsure of how to sell it. However, with support from communications wholesalers such as Zest4, resellers have no need to be concerned and no reason to shy away from offering Office 365 to customers.

In the growing arena of Unified Communications, offering Office 365 is absolute must for resellers. If you don’t, there’s a danger that your customers will find someone else who does. And while they’re signing up to Office 365 with a competitor who also offers a similar range of other services as you, there’s a real risk that your customer may also consider signing up for something else as well.

Another reason that resellers should seriously be considering selling Office 365 is the fact that all businesses on legacy Microsoft exchange who want to scale, must move to Office 365 within the next 2 years. This is because Microsoft is planning to pull licenses and support for customers on legacy exchange. The opportunity available from Microsoft’s decision to change is vast and resellers should be making tracks to take advantage now.

When it comes to the level of revenue achievable from selling Office 365, there’s a perception that the margins are low. By selling a basic seat, this is absolutely the case, but if you take time to really understand your customers’ business needs and requirements, you can enhance their basic package by adding other beneficial services such as Sharepoint and Skype for Business. By doing this, the margins are mobilised and Office 365 becomes a much more attractive package.

There are also revenue gains to be had with the knock-on effects to mobile usage. By utilising Office 365, mobile users’ data usage is typically increased by up to 60%. This means an increase in value, achievable from your customers’ mobile bills and a very positive effect on your bottom line.

At Zest4, we truly believe that we have put together the best Office 365 end-to-end solution for resellers in the marketplace. Through feedback from our partners and research into how Office 365 is currently offered by other suppliers, we clearly understand the barriers to selling this solution that many resellers face. We are highly committed to removing these barriers and to helping resellers venture into this potentially lucrative space.

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