The benefits of LoRa WAN and how it will help you

LoRa WAN Graphic

The world is becoming ‘smarter’ by the moment. In the blink of an eye you can see how IoT is now becoming more mainstream, from Alexa by Amazon, to the smart watch on your wrist, to the doorbell outside your front door.

Key players in this space, Ericsson and Cisco, have predicted that by 2020 they foresee around 50 billion connected devices, this will equate to between 2 and 6 devices for every living person on earth.

The scale of growth is outpacing common knowledge, with around 75% of people not knowing what the term IoT means, this huge void between the reality of growth and the mis- or non-understanding of what this technology is needs to be filled.

To bridge this gap, Zest4 are working hard to engage channel partners in the process, and to equip them with all the knowledge they need for their customers. By understanding the challenges and what the pain-points can be for our partners, we can help them be part of this revolution, and how to benefit from it.

LoRa WAN is the standard for low power and long range IoT communication, with a capability of up to 15km range and geolocation to accurately determine the position of an object.

One of the main benefits of LoRa WAN is the ability to penetrate further and deeper into buildings and across rural locations and with the long battery life -of up to ten years- it gives new scope for sensor devices, tracking vehicles, people and assets and, monitoring.

At Zest4 we have a range of case studies where LoRa WAN has made a real difference and offered a connectivity solution where standard connectivity options have failed. These are across many verticals from Agriculture, Smart Cities and Buildings, Manufacturing, Utilities and more.

If you would like to know more about LoRa WAN, IoT or M2M, then please get in contact with our dedicated team who will be able to assist you on your journey: or go to to see how you can become a Zest4 IoT partner.