Easily Send Bulk SMS with TextHub 

Bulk SMS


If you missed our webinar, then you might not know what makes SMS such a pivotal part of the marketing mix for all businesses.

Why SMS?

  • TextHub from Zest4 is an easy-to-use platform offering partners a simple tool to sell on to their databases. 
  • SMS has multiple uses for businesses, from security (two-factor authentication) to abandoned basket retrieval. 
  • Open rates for SMS average 98% in comparison to email marketing which tends to be around 20%.

With such amazing open rates, it’s also important to note that of the 98%, almost 95% are read within three minutes of sending, perhaps even more impressive is that SMS communication works for all ages of consumer.

If you look at your SMS folder on your smartphone, it will give you a snapshot of the multiple uses that they can have for a business: Marketing flash sales, notifying consumers of abandoned shopping, invoice reminders, delivery announcements to name a few.

Through TextHub your customers can view real-time analytics of their broadcast; knowing exactly what their customers have received and when. It is secure and reliable as you would expect from a Zest4 product.

It’s easy to use TextHub, either by creating broadcasts via the platform or by incorporating a single unified API and linking it into the system directly.

Features and benefits:

  • Contact more customers  – We have more direct operator connections than any other messaging provider, this gives a top-quality performance with reliability guaranteed.
  • Get your message across  – With our platform you can send messages that are longer than 160 characters without any additional setup. They will be displayed the way you intended on any device.
  • Replies – Forget the ‘do not reply’ message, your customers want to engage with their end-users and with our platform they can reply directly to any message, improving the customer journey and keeping communication simple.

With Zest4 TextHub offering wholesale SMS from as little as 2p per text, get in touch with your Channel Manager today to find out more.