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IoT Success

Critical Connectivity and Failover for Retailers

Many retail businesses rely on landline connectivity to take credit card payments, run in store inventory processes and provide free Wi-Fi to customers. If a problem occurs with the landline or fixed wire connection, this can have a significant impact on business operations, resulting in loss of revenue and frustrated

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Cradlepoint IBR1100
Connectivity Solutions

Pre-Ethernet, Cut-the-Wire, Long & Short-Term Connectivity Solutions

4G connectivity solutions have seen a huge uptake from our Partners and end users. Our Partners have made sure that their end-users have been supplied with instant connectivity in retail outlets, greenfield sites, new office locations, festivals and one has even stepped in at the last minute to help out

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Making the most of the connectivity in your moving assets

One of the biggest challenges of putting a SIM card in a moving asset is that it always needs to be connected as the coverage overlaps and gaps with mobile networks. But as we all know, no single mobile network has blanket coverage and where one network offers a full

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