SmartWitness & Zest4 Webinar

If you’re interested looking after a fleet, no matter what the size, you should look at this demonstration of the SmartWitness and Zest4 platform by Anton Le Saux.

Taking you through the benefits to your business, from money saving to safety consciousness, through to how you can track each and every vehicle in real-time, historically or at a point in time that you want to check.

A first-hand demonstration of how easy the platform is to use, and the advantages it can give to your business, you’ll learn how to check where your vehicles are, what speeds they are travelling at and whether any events (however major or minor) have occurred.

SmartWitness is an end-to-end solution, easy to install, tried and tested.

The benefits include;

* Fuel economy across your fleet

* Wear and tear on vehicle monitoring

* Duty of care for your employees

* Managing performance of employees

* Insurance discounts; including first notification of loss benefits

* Video evidence for claims

* Benefits for resellers; ongoing management fees and maintenance

After property the vehicle is the most expensive thing an individual, or business, will buy, making sure you protect that asset is key. The automotive sector is a growing market for IoT with 68% of vehicles without connectivity currently, the potential is amazing for resellers.

What is the solution Zest4 offer?

– Hardware; the connected camera – a KP1, powerful 3G video transmission device, a built-in tracking and telematics data provider. Instant notification within seconds of event.

* HD 170° wide-angle lens

* Optional 2nd camera

* Optional audio

* GPS accurate for time/location data

* Software platform

* Safety and protection information within moments of any events

* Driver can initiate a panic button event

* GPS data, speed & route, accurate tracking of vehicles

A full demonstration is on this webinar which showcases:

– How easy the dashboard is to navigate

– How you can set rules for your organisation

– The tools to manage your fleet effectively