Real-time Online Monitoring for Temperature Control

Zest4 Temperature Monitoring Dashboard Screenshot


Temperature and condition monitoring is essential for the food industry,  for compliance to meet requirements of BRC Global Standards for Food Safety and HACCP.

Where temperatures need to be measured and recorded for such compliance, Zest4 are introducing to channel partners a complete monitoring system making use of both LoRa and 4G technology. The system uses RF Wireless sensors specifically designed to monitor temperatures of refrigerated areas, freezers and cold stores.

Calibrated and certified to UKAS standards, our range of low impact wireless sensors and cellular gateways enable an easy to install and affordable solution for all temperature monitoring and compliance reporting.

The solution ensures compliance by tracing and validating temperature on a real-time basis, removing the need for any manual recording. Where temperature thresholds are exceeded, Realtime Online automatically generates an email, text, or alert, to a user configurable contact set to prompt corrective action, providing auditable data with full traceability.

The real-time software application is accessible anywhere in the world, via the internet, and provides dashboards from PC’s, notebooks, tablets or smart phones. A range of automated HACCP reports to aid compliance and demonstrate full temperature traceability are also provided as standard.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Automated HACCP and BRC reporting
  • Traceable fridge reports
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Peace of mind and avoidance of stock loss
  • Validated procedures
  • Threshold alerts sent by email, SMS or voice
  • Approved food grade, plastic housing
  • Easy to install and add sensors in future
  • UKAS calibration certificate provided
  • Wireless for simple installation

This end-to-end solution for monitoring and control can be customised to create a bespoke solution for your organisation. Including; temperature monitoring, energy usage, conditions monitoring and more – driving down costs and improving efficiency across your whole business.

Our Realtime Online Monitoring system can also be used for:

  • Legionella compliance
  • Condition monitoring 
  • Boiler optimisation
  • Energy control
  • Energy monitoring
  • Critical asset monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Weather monitoring

If you would like to learn more about how this system could help your business, then please contact us and we can talk you through it!