Making the most of the connectivity in your moving assets

One of the biggest challenges of putting a SIM card in a moving asset is that it always needs to be connected as the coverage overlaps and gaps with mobile networks. But as we all know, no single mobile network has blanket coverage and where one network offers a full signal, another may offer none.

Whilst all networks are regularly investing in their networks to enhance and improve coverage, it does cause some users a challenge if they need to be always connected.

To combat this, here at Zest4, we offer a range of roaming SIMs to our partner base. This means that SIMs will be able to access all available networks and, as such, have a greater chance of finding a network signal for moving assets to connect too.

Whilst not every communications supplier offers a roaming SIM, they have actually been around for some time. They do come with a premium price tag (as you would probably expect) but they are available if you search around.

There is, however, a slight challenge with a lot of roaming SIMs available here in the UK and that’s that they are network-steered. This means the SIM provider will have a preferential rate with a particular network which is substantially less than the rest and as such, the SIM will always try to connect with that network first, even though it may not offer the best signal at the time. In some instances, the SIM will search for the preferred network multiple times before it tries to find an alternative, which often means the device has no service at all as the SIM is tied up trying to access its preferred choice.

Another problem that this approach causes is lack of connectivity when the device moves to the edge of the coverage area of the SIM’s preferred network or there are capacity issues on a cell site. Despite the device moving into an area that is covered more strongly by another network, the SIM will cling onto its preferred network even if the signal strength is very weak, again meaning that your connected asset may not have any service.

Here at Zest4, we offer an alternative solution that takes away these issues. We now offer our partners a range of competitively priced SIM cards that are non-steered and don’t favour a specific mobile network. When they connect, they look for the network that offers them the best signal and therefore the best performance. If the mobile asset goes out of the coverage area for that network, it will look for the next available network that offers the best service. A great solution for anyone needing constant connectivity.

This is also a great option for failover devices. What’s the point in having a failover device if it’s dependent on a single network? In the last couple of months, we have seen two out of the four major mobile networks in the UK have massive outages where users have had zero service. If your business-critical connectivity fails and your failover network has an outage, it renders the failover service fairly useless. Your failover solution should be given the best chance possible to work and if it has the option to select from all available networks when needed, it has the very best chance of keeping your business running.

At Zest4, we also offer our roaming SIMs with managed connectivity, fixed IP or dynamic IP, UK roaming, EU roaming, complete flexibility on bundle sizes, and with competitive price points.

So, if critical connectivity is something that your business needs or you’d like to sell it to your end users, get in touch by calling the Zest4 team on 0161 956 3355.