M2M Solutions for Travel – Never lose your suitcase again!

The thought of lost luggage is something that fills us all with dread and something that many travellers are unfortunately subjected to everyday. It’s not a great way to start a well-earned holiday but a staggering 24.1 million bags went missing in 2014 alone.

However, technology could come to the rescue and help to reduce this statistic dramatically.

A hot topic on everyone’s lips right now, the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at a rapid pace. Connecting people, places and devices, the global M2M opportunity is huge with revenues expected to hit $20 billion by the end of 2015.

Communications resellers have a real opportunity to get involved now and benefit from the growing revenues that this technology brings. Already, over 9 billion devices are connected worldwide and over 10 million mobile M2M connections are predicted by the end of this year – and these numbers are rising fast.

In the world of travel, M2M technology and the Internet of Things could provide the solution to track and reduce lost luggage. Companies such as LugLoc and TrakDot are producing in-baggage trackers which use mobile connectivity to locate baggage on a global scale. Users will be able to track their luggage from their mobile phones and receive text messages confirming safe arrival.

Should their luggage be misdirected, however, users will be able to help airports and airlines to locate their bags and re-deliver them to the correct location.

And that’s not all. Frequent travellers are also plagued by the hassles of weight allowances, security checks and damage to luggage. Suitcase manufacturers Trunkster and Bluesmart are looking to alleviate these concerns by developing luggage options which are not only trackable, but also have built-in scales, NSA certified locks and rugged designs.

So you see, technology really is changing the world and the way we live. And even in the world of travel, it can only make things better.

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