How vehicle telematics solutions can help businesses to save money

Digital technology continues to become an increasing factor in our everyday lives. Not only are we fixated with the latest devices and apps that help us to go about our daily affairs, but businesses are increasingly embracing the benefits that digitalization offers too.

Running a fleet of vehicles can be expensive, but it’s an essential part of everyday operations for a large proportion of businesses across the globe – particularly with the growth of online shopping and the additional demand for delivery services. But digital vehicle tracking systems offer fleet operators a host of benefits that can help to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Systems such as O2’s Smart Tracking solution enable businesses to collect real-time data on a wide range of elements. Operated by M2M (machine-to-machine) technology, systems can feedback data on vehicle location, mileage, fuel and oil levels, tyre condition, engine diagnostics, driver behavior, seat belt engagement, and more.

With such comprehensive data at their fingertips, Fleet Managers are well-equipped to clearly analyse vehicle costs and performance and identify areas where savings can be made. Typically, savings can be made in areas such as fuel usage, route management and maintenance schedules with users of O2’s Smart Tracking solution experiencing, on average, a 5% reduction in fuel costs, a 7% increase in productivity and a 10% reduction in idle time.

But, despite the cost savings and efficiency benefits that vehicle telematics solutions offer, many organisations are still nervous to adopt vehicle tracking as systems can sometimes be costly and time-consuming to install. This is not the case however with O2 Smart Tracking which operates via a plug and device. Devices can be quickly and easily installed and can be simply transferred to other vehicles with no intervention the provider.

Helping communications resellers to provide vehicle tracking systems to end-user customers, Unified Communications specialist Zest4 have recently added Vehicle Telematics solutions to their portfolio of products. This new addition is an extension to the range of M2M services launched earlier in 2016 and provides reseller partners with an end-to-end solution to help them maximize their opportunity in the M2M arena.

Zest4 are the first wholesale UC provider to offer vehicle telematics solutions to resellers and have launched two products from O2’s Smart Vehicle portfolio – O2 Smart Tracking and O2 Track and Go.

For more information on M2M and Vehicle Telematics solutions from Zest4, visit or call 0161 956 3355.