How the use of call recording systems will be affected by the GDPR

Zest4 Call Recording

The subject of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one that’s hard to miss in the media right now and it’s certainly got everyone talking as the go-live date of 25 May 2018 rapidly approaches. Businesses are working hard to ensure they’re compliant, but as with anything new, the effects of the regulation aren’t always completely clear.

One thing that the team here at Zest4 do know will be affected is the use of call recording systems, which are not only popular for training and monitoring purposes, but that are also a legal requirement for financial services organisations under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

For financial services companies, the use of call recording systems will be permitted to continue as organisations are legally obliged to record all calls related to firm business and store them for at least 5 years. But for companies recording calls for training and monitoring purposes, the use of such systems may be in doubt unless they can justify their reasons and prove compliance with the GDPR.

Not only will companies’ reasons for recording calls be open to dispute but there will also be an even greater focus on data security. Numerous recent high-profile breaches of personal data have escalated the issue of cyber security to greater heights than ever before and the GDPR has pushed security even further up the agenda for businesses across the EU.

For businesses that are permitted to use call recording systems under the guidelines of the GDPR, it’s essential to select a system that not only offers robust call recording capabilities but one that also ensures the high levels of security that the new regulation demands.

The VSmart™ call recording solution, which is provided by Zest4, fulfils both of these important requirements, and more…

  1. It is the only truly global ‘mobile carrier & handset agnostic’ solution which seamlessly integrates into the device with no change or disruption in user behaviour.
  2. It features powerful voice and data recording and offers secure access.
  3. There’s no need for on-site hardware and it can be centrally managed and deployed.
  4. It offers easy monitoring and easy call recording retrieval, with up to 5 years storage included.
  5. Ongoing system developments now enable VSmart™ to capture IM (WhatsApp) which no other solution on the market can do.
  6. Using VSmart™ gives organisations the assurance that they will be FCA and MiFiDll compliant.

Communications resellers interested in offering the VSmartTM call recording solution to customers to help them with GDPR compliance can do so via Zest4.

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