How mobile broadband could revolutionise taxi travel

According to the 2013 survey of transport in England, 36% of ‘other transport’ (including taxis, planes and trams) is used for business purposes. And with working professionals increasingly feeling that they don’t have enough time, journeys are being used to complete essential tasks on-the-go, with 45% of emails being opened on a mobile device.

The increasing reliance on the internet isn’t just limited to working professionals however. Tourists are also relying more heavily on mobile connectivity, with holiday-makers searching for hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

But how can taxi companies tap into and benefit from these changing trends? Simple, by installing mobile broadband to help passengers connect whilst on the move.

Not only can mobile broadband improve passenger experience and enhance a taxi firm’s customer base, but mobile broadband also provides benefits for drivers too.

According to Wired magazine, 40% of London cabbies use the mobile app ‘Hailo’ to help them gain extra business. Demanding a constant mobile connection, the use of this app can be costly through the increased use of mobile data. By installing mobile Wifi in their vehicle, taxi drivers can gain internet access via their own login without incurring additional data charges.

Providing taxicabs with a 3G/4G router would, of course, come at a cost. But, these charges could be mitigated by implementing an advertising model. Two models that have already been tried and tested by leading brands, are fully-branded and video advertising:

  • In April 2015, Magnum launched their “for pleasure seekers” campaign advertising two new flavours. Part of the marketing campaign was the provision of free WiFi on five London Routemaster buses, with the service taking users to a purpose-built campaign microsite.
  • Eyetease have been providing WiFi in London cabs since 2013, with an advertising-funded model which requires users to watch a 15-second advert every 15 minutes.

With these benefits, it’s clear to see that mobile broadband really could revolutionise taxi travel for the future and help passengers and drivers to stay connected.

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