How M2M is helping the logistics industry

A lot of people may not realise it, but M2M technology has been used in the logistics industry for some time now.

The hand-held devices used by delivery drivers to manage parcels, are actually operated by M2M solutions, connecting their devices with a host of other systems to be able to keep customers up-to-date.

Whatever the location of the parcel – whether it’s waiting in the warehouse or out on the road – M2M technology allows customers to check the progress of their items and see when it’s due to arrive. And when the package has been delivered, the change of status and the recipients signature (if collected) is quickly transported back to the warehouse system, keeping warehouse staff up-to-date too.

It’s not just parcel tracking that logistics companies can benefit from though with M2M solutions – they can also use M2M to track their vehicles.

By installing fleet management solutions, transport managers can be kept up to date with a host of data that enables to them to track their vehicles’ location and assess the performance of both the vehicle and the driver. This valuable data can help logistics managers to improve everyday operations, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

As well as benefits for logistics managers, M2M technology can also help drivers too. By driving a ‘Connected Vehicle’, drivers can access traffic information and other value data, enabling them to check their routes, avoid congestion and find suitable places to rest.

M2M solutions really are worth considering for transport and logistics companies not already using them. The benefits available can reap rewards.

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