How M2M is enabling businesses to set up pop-up offices

In today’s technologically advanced world, the ability to work remotely is becoming easier than ever. Keeping up with emails whilst out on the road; accessing central office systems from the comfort of your home…there’s almost nothing you can’t do these days whilst you’re out of the office.

But what about businesses who don’t have a permanent base and are constantly moving around? Take construction companies for instance who regularly move location to start on a brand new building project. There’s no existing WiFi connection and working on 3G and 4G connections for long periods of time just isn’t practical or cost effective. What options are open to them?

M2M technology offers the perfect solution!

By building a fully loaded enterprise grade router in a box, building companies can easily set up a pop-up office on their construction site in an instant. And by incorporating multiple SIMs for any carrier, the router can be used absolutely anywhere enabling it to be unplugged and moved to the next site when the building work is completed.

And there’s no issue with security either. M2M solutions are hosted on secure and resilient networks, providing peace of mind and reassurance. Enterprise grade routers can be configured to the businesses’ specific security requirements, ensuring employees can benefit from on-site connectivity without breaking corporate security policies.

For communications resellers who are looking to offer pop-up office solutions to businesses across the UK, wholesale communications provider, Zest4, can help. Working in partnership with Arkessa, the Zest4 M2M Partner Programme offers telecoms and IT resellers complete M2M solutions, including M2M knowledge and technical support, training through the Zest4 partner academy, marketing support, optimised tariffs and competitive commercials.

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