How M2M and IoT can help with food hygiene in the food service industry

Anyone working in the food service industry will know just how important food hygiene and food safety is. Not only does it mean that customers are safeguarded against potential food poisoning, but it also protects businesses from legal action against them and it protects their reputation.


The Food Standards Agency publishes clear guidelines for food handling businesses to ensure hygiene standards are met. Their guidelines state that “good food hygiene is all about controlling harmful bacteria, which can cause serious illness”. There are 4 key things to remember which are also known as the 4 C’s of food hygiene…

  • Cross-contamination
  • Cleaning
  • Chilling
  • Cooking

Of all the 4 C’s, chilling is an area where M2M and IoT technology can really help. With the latest innovations, food services companies monitor and maintain temperature more effectively than ever before.

Chilling food properly helps to stop the growth of harmful bacteria and some foods therefore need to be kept chilled to keep them safe. Cooked and uncooked meats, prepared salads, and dairy-based desserts are just some examples of foods that must be kept below a certain temperature, or they risk becoming contaminated.

For food service companies providing large amounts of produce for their customers, maintaining temperatures at each stage of the process is absolutely crucial. Whether food is stored in temperature controlled storage facilities or is being transported in specialist vehicles out the road, temperatures must be maintained at all times.

To help food service companies monitor and maintain these crucial temperatures, Zest4 have recently launched Smart Sensors. These clever, compact devices enable food companies to monitor temperatures around the clock and provide real-time data through an easy-to-use, downloadable app. Companies can also programme their devices to send warnings and alerts should temperatures dip below a pre-defined limit, helping them to take action instantly and avoid potential disaster.

Smart Sensors operate using M2M and IoT technology which enables connected devices to continually interact with one another, collecting and reporting data 24/7.

For communications resellers interesting in adding M2M and IoT solutions to their product portfolios, offering Smart Sensors is the perfect way to start. Zest4 offer a complete end-to-end solution including hardware, connectivity and installation support.

Smart Sensors are just one of the M2M and IoT solutions that Zest4 offer. To find out more about M2M and IoT solutions from Zest4, visit or call our team on 0161 956 3355.