Free WiFi on Public Transport – M2M Solutions for Travel

Free WiFi is fast becoming the norm in every aspect of our lives. Whether we go to the shops, visit a restaurant, pop to the gym…free WiFi is everywhere. Except for public transport, however, where the roll-out has been much slower. But things are rapidly changing…

Thanks to continuing developments in M2M technology, free WiFi is now beginning to emerge on trains, in taxis, and even on buses. Some of the UK’s major cities have already installed public WiFi on a number of their trams and buses, so no matter where we go or how we travel, we’ll soon be able to stay connected.

The growth of free WiFi on public transport is a particular benefit for busy commuters wanting to maximise their productivity whilst travelling. Being able to access the internet allows them to check their schedules, catch up on emails and complete simple tasks.

At the heart of these public Wifi solutions is M2M (machine to machine) technology. By installing mobile broadband, bus companies can make free WiFi available to passengers whilst on-board, as well as benefiting from internet access for their own daily operations.

Installing public WiFi on buses, however, has been somewhat of a challenge. With vehicles constantly on the move and often away from internet hotspots, maintaining a constant connection can be tricky. The limited space and options for fitting and powering equipment were also challenges that bus operators faced.

However, with a bit of clever thinking, these challenges have been overcome and public WiFi solutions are now widely available for buses.

Working in partnership, Unified Communications providers Zest4 and M2M experts Arkessa have developed an M2M solution for buses that is now available through their network of resellers. As part of a complete M2M package, partners can benefit from expert knowledge and technical support, training through the Zest4 partner academy, marketing support, optimised tariffs and competitive commercials.

For more information and to find out how you could join the Zest4 M2M partner programme, call 0161 956 3355.

Or to read a case study on how telecoms reseller Darren smashed his annual target by putting free WiFi buses, visit london-buses