Does parcel tracking give consumers’ peace of mind?

We’re all used to the little hand-held devices that delivery drivers use when they deliver parcels to our doors, but have you ever thought whether parcel tracking actually influences your buying decisions?

In today’s vast digital world, we might be forgiven for assuming that all delivery companies use tracking facilities so our parcels can always but traced…but that’s not actually the case.

It’s probably not something you think about if you only place orders occasionally and your parcels are always delivered safe and sound, and on time. But if you order more regularly and have been scarred by problems with missing parcels in the past, the ability to track parcels might be something that does influence who you buy from.

In general, most of our favourite retailers will be using the large delivery companies (that we all know and love) who are likely to use mobile devices to manage and track their items. But even then, do they always track everything?

For low value items, it’s not such an issue. If an item goes missing, the big high-street retailers are usually happy to send a replacement. But for big ticket items, there’s a much greater need to make sure our parcels are safe. Nobody wants to be left out of pocket because a high value item has gone missing and is nowhere to be found – not the seller or the buyer.

So a parcel tracking system really does give us peace of mind and reassurance in certain purchasing instances. But should we start to check that tracking facilities are in place when we buy online?

For delivery companies who aren’t using parcel tracking technology, it’s definitely worth considering to help protect the future of your business. Systems are quick and easy to install and won’t cost you the earth. Operated by M2M (machine to machine) technology, your devices will link to a central system providing you with data and information that will help benefit your business in more ways than one.

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