Mid-Market and Enterprise Solutions

Mid-Market and Enterprise Solutions

An intelligent approach to employee and customer communications.

Move complexity to the cloud with one intelligent engagement solution

With one application for all communication and collaboration needs, 8×8 allows employees to communicate easily and collaborate from anywhere on any device.

With 8×8, employees’ agility increases as they move from IM to voice to Video to Web Conferencing with one click inside a single application.

No on-premises equipment or maintenance required. That means fewer vendors, fewer bills and fewer apps to manage and provision. Whether a business has 10 employees or 10,000—one office or 1,000—8×8 unified cloud communications brings it all together.

Mobile Meets Enterprise

It’s a global, mobile world and new mobile work styles need a new communications model.

With 8×8, you’re not tied to your desk phone. Take your office number with you anywhere on any device. Communicate seamlessly using a desk phone, a computer, a smartphone or tablet. 8×8 apps equip smartphones, tablets and computers with everything teams need to be effective and stay productive on the go.

One-click Communications

Say ‘so long’ to switching between different chat, conferencing and phone systems—each with their own passwords and protocols.

With 8×8 unified cloud communications, you get one consistent, hassle-free solution for all the ways an organisation communicates and collaborates.

Use the same number across devices. Seamlessly transition across voice calls, chats, document sharing and video conferencing with single sign on (SSO) and ongoing access to corporate directories and presence. And instantly switch between a desk phone and smartphone, with no “let me call you back.”

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8x8 is extremely fast to deploy and easy to use. We can seamlessly set up a new hire with a phone number and voicemail in under a minute!

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Game-changing Analytics

8×8’s real-time analytics show you what’s really going on in an enterprise. See real-time data and trends from across an organisation, including interactions with CRM and other business applications.

Gain the insight needed to adjust staffing, reward stars, improve outcomes and respond to new opportunities and challenges.

Secure & Scalable Communications

8×8 unified cloud communications solutions are proven, secure, reliable and easily scale up for even the largest enterprises. Plus, only 8×8 offers a Global Reach network with the highest published uptime of 99.9983% and a guaranteed SLA on the open Internet. Go with the provider that can meet all of your customer’s communications needs, no matter how much their enterprise grows and evolves.

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