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Zest4 Live Cam

Offering Fleet Operators Unrivalled Information

Monitoring of goods in transit and driver behaviour

Live Cam offers fleet operators unrivalled information vital in the monitoring of goods in transit and driver behaviour. Footage is continually recorded onto a DVR which is installed within the vehicle using a combination of bespoke cameras ranging from a single camera solution through to 16 cameras for larger vehicles.

Proven to reduce insurance costs with added security reassurances

Live Cam has already been proven to reduce insurance costs and enable fleets to operate more efficiently and with added security reassurances. Data is stored onto a DVR but can be accessed remotely via the Telematics OnCloud portal, streaming live and historic footage with as little as a 2G network connection.

• View tracking alongside live camera footage in one easy access monitoring portal.
• Stream footage from up to 4 cameras at once with up to 1 hour viewing time per vehicle per day.
• Each secure DVR allows storage of a finite amount of data enabling the review of incidents/journeys up to 1 month previous with larger storage capacity available.

Live ‘Video On Demand’ video
streaming across multiple cameras.
Up to 2 Terabytes of memory storage
for ‘Historical Video Remote Download’.
Full Live GPS Tracking, Telematics
Reporting & Driver Behaviour Reporting.
Incident Alerts, Driver Panic Button,
Accident FNOL Alerts & Reports.
WiFi Enables Vehicle (Creates
Vehicle as a WiFi Hotspot).
Choice of Cameras, Reverse Cam,
Side Cams & Dashboard Monitors.
All encompassed under
one easy to use portal.
PC, Laptop, Smart Phone &
Mobile Device Accessible.
Lockable Memory &
Lockable Shock Mount.

Zest4 Incident Cam

Video footage is automatically streamed live from the vehicle

In the event of impact on the vehicle – a collision, harsh braking, harsh cornering or driver panic button depressed, video footage is automatically streamed live from the vehicle to the Zest4 Customer Cloud Portal for viewing. The system automatically generates e-mails to the customer containing a quick view video together with an incident report and alerts.

Incident Cam is the next generation of event driven mobile CCTV

Capable of recording driving activity onto a tamper proof flash memory on a continuous loop in high definition, with automated video alerts sent in the event of a collision or near miss. Video on demand can be remotely requested to supplement event footage and drivers are protected with a panic button which will prompt a clip uploaded when activated.

No SD Required
Journey footage is stored on a secure flash memory
that will automatically protect event clips until they are
uploaded via 3G to our secure server.
FNOL Alerts
A hard wired telemetry device detects accelerometer
events offering a far greater degree of accuracy when
detecting a crash. Within seconds a detailed report is delivered.
Remote Access
The convenience of remotely examining footage without
the need to retrieve the camera or vehicle avoids the
logistical headache of manual retrieval.
On Demand
Supplementary footage can be requested remotely in
longer segments to assess driver behaviour, add further
context or evidence to incident footage.
Driver Training
Incident Cam will provide an opportunity to enhance driver behaviour
by delivering examples of bad practice and negligence which, if left
unchecked, could result in a more serious incident.
Look Both Ways
Incident Cam is compatible with a second camera
to deliver internal driver facing footage to encourage driver
best practice and enforce vehicle policy.
Insurance Reduction
Video evidence supports the timely settlement of non-fault traffic
collisions, which may otherwise have been contested.
Leading to future savings on fleet insurance premiums.
Driver Protection
A driver panic button enables the driver to manually trigger an event clip should they feel compelled if an incident is observed which impacts the driver directly or indirectly e.g. road rage.

GPS Tracking & Telematics Vehicle Unit

Example Features

  • Simple Three Wire Installation
  • Built-in G-Force Sensor
  • Internal Cellular & GPS Antennae
  • On Board Unit Battery Back-Up
  • Suitable for All Vehicles
  • Ruggedised Anti-Tamper Unit
  • Anti-Disconnect Serial Connector

Suitable for all vehicles with simple installation & crash detect as standard.

Early notification of any accident provides fleet managers with the opportunity to instantly check on the wellbeing of drivers and seek immediate recourse. By raising an alert when vehicles are involved in a collision, Crash Detect helps fleet managers handle the potential business consequences quickly and efficiently. Crash Detect uses advance accelerometer technology to provide accurate detection. When an impact event is detected, a First Notification of Loss (FNOL) report is generated and sent to a pre-populated list of email recipients containing information on the crash location, accelerometer data and a freeze frame breakdown of activity in the time leading up to and immediately following the event.

When integrated with Zest4 Driver Score technology and Incident Cam, this solution can also help reconstruct accidents and provide evidence of a driver’s behaviour before a crash. This sophisticated telematics system provides data covering several factors – including the speed, braking, steering, cornering rate and g-force of the vehicle. The information provided can prove vital data during an insurance claim.

• This system is ideal for any vehicle, the unit can be used as a simple telematics device for tracking as well as offering a full driver behaviour and telematics service.

• Expected fuel savings are reported as being in excess of 10% across an average fleet.

Plug & Play Solutions
Better vehicle performance, better business performance.

Easy Plug & Play Smart Trackers

Suitable for Non-HGV Vehicles Manufactured after 1996 (Cars, Vans & Light Commercial).

  • Built in G-Force Sensor
  • Ruggedised Anti-Tamper Unit
  • On Board Unit Battery Back Up
  • Available on 12, 24 & 36 month contracts
  • Unit has built-in, Internal Cellular & GPS Antennae
  • Plugs directly into Vehicle OBD Port
  • Supplied with optional OBD Extension Lead
  • Full GPS Tracking via PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone & App
  • Full Telematics Reporting
  • Driver ID Enabled
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring / Reporting
  • Automated Alerts
  • Live Reports / Automated Scheduled Reports / Historic Reports

Manage Your Entire Fleet From One Platform

The Zest4 Smart Tracking Portal is web-based fleet management software that is available to all Zest4 customers under any feature package. See all your vehicle and driver information in one place and use it to make quicker, better-informed decisions for your business.

Key software features on the portal include:

Advanced Reporting:

Zest4 Smart Tracking offers advanced reporting flexibility. Start with standard reports, and make them more meaningful by tailoring them to your exact fleet needs. Easily create, run and deliver the information you want, the way you want it, and when you want it

Driver Behaviour Management:

Influence safe driving behaviour with in-vehicle driver feedback and coaching tools. Drivers that share vehicles are still individually identified with Zest4 Driver ID NFC technology

Robust Engine Data Reporting:

Zest4 Smart Trackers collect and responds to common status information in your vehicle. This includes engine RPM, engine light, seatbelt, odometer, engine hours, emissions, vehicle identification number (VIN), and vehicle battery voltage

GPS Vehicle Tracking:

See where your vehicles are in near real-time or choose a custom date and look back to see where your fleet has been. Zest4’s algorithms provide you with accurate, detailed trip information.

Route Optimization:

Reduce vehicle mileage and fuel consumption by creating zones and routes for your drivers. Also, Zest4’s fleet management software lets you compare actual versus planned routes.

Engine Health & Maintenance:

Be alerted to potential critical engine health issues and easily prioritize the repairs for your vehicles. Focus on proactive vehicle maintenance by detecting issues early on and setup vehicle maintenance reminders.

Temperature Monitoring

Offering Fleet Operators Unrivalled Information

Refrigerated Vehicle Temperature Monitoring with Live Alerts

Zest4 Temperature Monitoring provides assurance to fleet managers by updating them with temperature measurements remotely using sophisticated technology.

Integrated with standard Zest4 tracking solutions, temperature can produce a summary report of each journey alongside other key performance indicators. Zest4 tracking solutions allow fleet managers to monitor driver time sheets, driver behaviour scoring, fuel efficiency scoring, vehicle health ratings and much more.

Our sophisticated temperature monitoring technology generates an alert if temperatures stray beyond permissible parameters so remedial action can be taken.

  • Live temperature status shown against vehicle
  • Live alerts for temperature thresholds (configurable)
  • Easily generate temperature summary by date/week etc.
  • Generate reports for current / past journeys
  • PDF printable reports by date or individual journey
Driver ID System
Offering Fleet Operators Unrivalled Information

Zest4 Driver ID enables fleet operators & managers to report on the driver at any point in time with wired, wireless & keypad based ID solutions.

Zest4 Telematics can provide expert telemetry across a multitude of applications, but what happens when your drivers regularly change their vehicles during the course of their working week? Zest4 Driver ID solves this problem by allowing organisations to trace driver performance across multiple vehicles.

Vehicles are often shared among a pool of drivers and when assessing and optimising individual driver performance the insight available has been proven to be invaluable. Zest4 Telematics Driver ID coupled with Driver Score provides a platform that highlights and manages negative driving habits. Often negative driving habits have a major impact on fuel consumption, carbon emissions and vehicle wear and tear.

Zest4 Driver ID is an add on solution for any of the Zest4 hard-wired telematics solutions.

Driver ID also provides fleet managers with the ability to monitor driver time-sheets, help resolve disputes such as delivery discrepancies and accurately trace the individual responsible for any driving offences.

Utilising single touch fob, wireless bluetooth technologies or key-code entry, Driver ID integrates a telematics platform to measure key performance indicators and ensure drivers are complying with regulations.

Fleet managers can monitor driving time, driving style, any incidents of speeding, time spent idling and all stops.

With this information, fleet managers can ensure vehicles are being driven appropriately and efficiently at all times.

More Features

LiveCam has already been proven to reduce insurance costs and enable fleets to operate more efficiently and with added security reassurances. Data is stored onto a DVR but can be accessed remotely via our telematics portal, streaming live and historic footage with as little as a 2G network connection.

  • Driver ID displays driver name live on the system
  • Displays driver name throughout all telematics reports
  • Journey by driver reports
  • Vehicle use by driver reports
  • Driver scoring
  • Driver behaviour reporting & alerting
Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Suitable For All Vehicles

Including: HGV, HGV Trailers, Commercial Vehicles, Plant & Machinery.

Low tyre pressure creates increased rolling resistance which will in turn lead to higher fuel consumption and unnecessary wear and tear.


Many drivers do not realise that ‘blow outs’ don’t just happen out of the blue, it is the result of the eventual wearing out of the tyre wall which is caused mainly by low tyre pressure.

As the tyre drives with low pressure, it appears slightly deflated bulging at the side. That bulge is additional pressure on the tyre wall due to the lack of structural integrity and there will come a point whereby the wall can take no more and it bursts – a blowout.

Installing a Zest4 Telematics linked tyre pressure monitoring system provides remote, advance notification of low tyre pressures across a fleet of vehicles before it causes an accident.

Example Features

  • Hard-wired to vehicle (integrated with telematics unit)
  • Full live access via PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone / App
  • Tamper proof wireless external dust cap sensors
  • Internal tyre banded wireless sensors with 5 year battery life
  • Fully integrated within tracking portal
  • 24/7 live view reporting on tyre pressures & temperatures
  • 100% configurable thresholds for live alerts
  • Automated alerts e.g. under/over pressure threshold & over temperature threshold
  • Live reports, automated scheduled reports & historic reports


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