IoT Connectivity for ANPR Cameras

Reliable, cost-effective solutions that enable
the use of cellular connectivity in ANPR cameras.


Choosing the right connectivity partner will make a significant
difference in your ANPR deployment success.

We have the ability to build reliable, cellular connectivity in ANPR devices with
no expensive fixed-line installation allowing cameras to be deployed anywhere.

Experienced Supplier
Multiple Networks
Over The Air Provisioning
Reduce Your Costs
Resilient Solutions


A provider that you can rely on.

Businesses that provide ANPR software and hardware often experience a real pain point on sites with no fixed line connectivity and therefore have to use cellular connectivity – but usually they do not have a provider that they can rely on. It can be very difficult to manage costs and often leads to losing money.

When cellular connectivity is used businesses often have no way of monitoring the data usage and as such experience regular bill shock.

There is also struggle to provide failover services when fixed lines go down.

Other pain points:

  • Fixed line installation costs
  • The ability to share and aggregate data
  • Remotely manage devices
  • A connectivity partner that understands your business and can respond to challenges and issues as they arise.


We activate, test and provide everything you need to easily install a SIM card into your devices ready to ship to your customers.

Aggregated Data
Visibility of Usage & Performance
Fixed IP for Remote Management
Roll devices out quickly after site survey
Deploy ANPR Cameras anywhere
Multiple Mobile Network Operators

We enable our customers to achieve their goals by understanding the features of each mobile network operator and combining them with our capabilities to produce the right service package.

Zest4 Connect
We utilise an award-winning network for our IoT & M2M solutions to ensure the most secure, IoT connectivity for ANPR is provided to our customers.

Our resilient network infrastructure seamlessly interfaces with multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). This provides secure, real time management and visibility of the connection to your devices; offering the level of control and monitoring you would expect from an industry leading IoT connectivity platform.

Anton Le Saux

“At Zest4 we work hard to understand our customer’s requirements. Businesses in this sector will be able to empathise with the current challenges and should feel empowered to make the change themselves with support from Zest4.”

Anton Le Saux
Head of IoT, Zest4

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