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UConneX - the private connectivity interconnect between Zest4 and 8x8 - delivering unrivalled service with dedicated support.

Welcome to our world!

Experience first-hand how our new oxygen rich world works

With a unique, dedicated super high-speed direct interconnect, connect right to planet 8×8 with no need to interact with the public internet.

Our direct interconnect comes with guaranteed quality of service, the public internet will no longer be your connectivity asteroid.

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So, what does our new oxygen rich world mean to you?
Using UConneX will streamline your sales process with unrivalled access to the leading connectivity suppliers in one place.

Enabling you to quote with ease, manage connections and access support for all your connectivity customers in our portal. While bringing real-time connectivity monitoring to the channel for partners, for the first time.

Our new world will transform how you sell and manage your connectivity solutions. Are you ready to breathe our fresh oxygen rich atmosphere?

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An 8x8 planet

The 8×8 Open Communications Platform in the cloud (the 8×8 planet).

A single platform with four discrete digital comms areas – contact centres, phones, video conferencing, and channels like chat and social – functionally cohabit.

All working seamlessly together.

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A Zest4 atmosphere

Zest4 brings the oxygen-rich atmosphere that surrounds the 8×8 planet, and many others including mobility, telephony, connectivity, and the Internet of Things.

As a unified communications wholesaler, Zest4 supplies a wide-ranging product set and a 25-year history in mobile service provision complements the 8×8 offer. In using Zest4, partners have a one-stop shop with all the above services on one bill. Not to mention pre-sales support, Zest4 offers world-class online training programmes, backed by dedicated marketing resources.

Why UConneX?
Full-service connectivity delivering
a unique experience for partners
Quality of Service with
direct interconnect connection
Streamline your connectivity sales
process and sell with confidence
Real-time advanced
connectivity monitoring
Dedicated partner support
and education
Zest4 partner of choice
for 8x8 connectivity
What our partners say...
Why Zest4?

Zest4 promises your customers fully integrated comms with the ability to supplement the 8×8 offer with connectivity, mobility, Internet of Things, and international calling meaning a seamless interoperational comms solution every time. Assisted by expert staff, partners get added facilities like product training, marketing programmes, customer onboarding and in-life support.

Connectivity Experts

Zest4 are connectivity experts – supporting thousands of businesses through hundreds of partners selling 8×8 solutions, customer- centricity creates strong relationships.

Sales Support

Zest4 supports its partners’ sales cycles through advanced training, technical sales support, and solution architecture. One account manager and one bill ensures consistency in the management of the partner account.


As a unified communications provider, Zest4 compliments the 8×8 offer with connectivity and Internet of Things solutions, alongside a 25-year mobile service provision history.


Both Zest4 and 8×8 have deep expertise in sector-specific solutions, which include financial services, law, media and broadcast, public sector, manufacturing, logistics, and many others.


Zest4 has built a strategic relationship with 8×8 as UK wholesale distributor for X Series products. Offering partners a reliable end-to-end solution assured to increase revenue streams.

Global Reach

8×8 solutions are suitable for small offices as well as enterprise and contact centre solutions. 8×8 adds international voice options with free calls to and from up to 47 different countries.

Customer Support

Naturally including 8×8 trained and certified staff, it’s the service team that makes Zest4 a company its partners can count on, replacing multiple legacy suppliers with a cost- efficient, consolidated one-stop shop.

Ready to experience connectivity in a new way?

Get empowered today and join our super galaxy.


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