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The Zest4 Connect solution provides managed connectivity services to customers across the globe, with 545+ mobile networks in over 220+ countries globally. Providing private, secure connections whenever and wherever needed.

Fixed IP as standard

Connectivity from Zest4 provides fixed IP addressing as standard (private and public). When coupled with a Virtual Private Network connection the device initiates the connection and systems can also initiate the connection to your devices when required to.

Single or Multi-Network (Roaming)

Zest4 is a Mobile Network Operator agnostic. We do not favour any one MNO over another but enable customers to achieve their goals by understanding the features that an MNO brings and combining them with our capabilities to produce the right service package. Our aim is to enable you to connect securely and consistently across any/all network providers. Zest4 Connect offers private 3G/4G connections to Telefonica/O2, Vodafone, Hutchison 3G, Orange, T-Mobile, Tele2, Manx and their respective global platforms. Enabling our partners to benefit from both single and multiple-network coverage options.

Simple Setup - Single APN

The Zest4 Connect network allows customers a single Access Point Name (APN), irrespective of the underlying mobile network, this simplifies device connection and enables access to devices across a private network.

When coupled with a VPN connection to the Zest4 Connect infrastructure, the devices become part of your own private managed network without the cost and challenges associated with developing the infrastructure and managing mobile network relationships.

Bespoke Tariffs

Zest4 delivers a single tariff, or series of tariffs to meet our partners’ needs based on their specific requirements. Including inclusive data per SIM per month, aggregated plans or data bundles.

Billing Services

Zest4 customers will be able to receive a single bill and have one point of contact irrespective of the number of mobile networks that their devices are using.

Cost & Security Control

Zest4’s Data Alert and Data Cap services enable customers to define, down to the individual device and byte if necessary, the levels at which they want alerts to be generated (Data Alerts).  A second level can be set at which point a reconnection will not be allowed across the network (Data Caps).

Zest4 - Customer Support IoT

Experienced Customer Services

Zest4’s Service and Account Management Teams are located in Wilmslow, Near Manchester. You will have one geographical contact number and one email address for all enquiries. The teams are ready to answer your questions relating to your account or connections or if they are of a technical or financial nature.

Telephone: +44 (0) 161 956 3300
Email: service@zest4.com