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Offering Fleet Operators Unrivalled Information

Monitoring of goods in transit and driver behaviour

LiveCam offers fleet operators unrivalled information vital in the monitoring of goods in transit and driver behaviour. Footage is continually recorded onto a DVR which is installed within the vehicle using a combination of bespoke cameras ranging from a single camera solution through to 16 cameras for larger vehicles.

Proven to reduce insurance costs with added security reassurances

LiveCam has already been proven to reduce insurance costs and enable fleets to operate more efficiently and with added security reassurances. Data is stored onto a DVR but can be accessed remotely via the Matrix Telematics OnCloud portal, streaming live and historic footage with as little as a 2G network connection.

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View tracking alongside live camera footage in one easy access monitoring portal.
Stream footage from up to 4 cameras at once with up to 1 hour viewing time per vehicle per day.
Each secure DVR allows storage of a finite amount of data enabling the review of incidents/journeys up to 1 month previous with larger storage capacity available.

Live ‘Video On Demand’ video streaming across multiple cameras

Up to 2 Terabytes of memory storage for ‘Historical Video Remote Download’

Full Matrix Live GPS Tracking, Telematics Reporting & Driver Behaviour Reporting

Incident Alerts, Driver Panic Button, Accident FNOL Alerts & Reports

WiFi Enables Vehicle (Creates Vehicle as a WiFi Hotspot)

Choice of Cameras, Reverse Cam, Side Cams & Dashboard Monitors

All encompassed under one easy to use portal

PC, Laptop, Smart Phone & Mobile Device Accessible

Lockable Memory & Lockable Shock Mount

Fully Integrated into the Zest4 Tracking Portal

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