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Zest4 Driver ID System

Offering Fleet Operators Unrivalled Information

Zest4 Driver ID enables fleet operators & managers to report on the driver at any point in time with wired, wireless & keypad based ID solutions.​

Zest4 Telematics can provide expert telemetry across a multitude of applications, but what happens when your drivers regularly change their vehicles during the course of their working week?

Zest4 Driver ID solves this problem by allowing organisations to trace driver performance across multiple vehicles.

Vehicles are often shared among a pool of drivers and when assessing and optimising individual driver performance the insight available has been proven to be invaluable.

Zest4 Telematics Driver ID coupled with Driver Score provides a platform that highlights and manages negative driving habits. Often negative driving habits have a major impact on fuel consumption, carbon emissions and vehicle wear and tear.

Zest4 Driver ID is an add on solution for any of the Zest4 hard-wired telematics solutions.

Driver ID also provides fleet managers with the ability to monitor driver time-sheets, help resolve disputes such as delivery discrepancies and accurately trace the individual responsible for any driving offences.

Utilising single touch fob, wireless bluetooth technologies or key-code entry, Driver ID integrates with the Matrix Telematics platform to measure key performance indicators and ensure drivers are complying with regulations.

Fleet managers can monitor driving time, driving style, any incidents of speeding, time spent idling and all stops.

With this information, fleet managers can ensure vehicles are being driven appropriately and efficiently at all times.

More features:

LiveCam has already been proven to reduce insurance costs and enable fleets to operate more efficiently and with added security reassurances. Data is stored onto a DVR but can be accessed remotely via the Matrix Telematics OnCloud portal, streaming live and historic footage with as little as a 2G network connection.

  • Driver ID displays driver name live on the system
  • Displays driver name throughout all telematics reports
  • Journey by driver reports
  • Vehicle use by driver reports
  • Driver scoring
  • Driver behaviour reporting & alerting

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