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Video Telematics

Zest4 Incident Cam

Video footage is automatically streamed live from the vehicle.

In the event of impact on the vehicle – a collision, harsh braking, harsh cornering or driver panic button depressed, video footage is automatically streamed live from the vehicle to the Zest4 Customer Cloud Portal for viewing. The system automatically generates e-mails to the customer containing a quick view video together with an incident report and alerts.

Incident Cam is the next generation of event driven mobile CCTV.

Capable of recording driving activity onto a tamper proof flash memory on a continuous loop in high definition, with automated video alerts sent in the event of a collision or near miss. Video on demand can be remotely requested to supplement event footage and drivers are protected with a panic button which will prompt a clip uploaded when activated.

No SD Required

Journey footage is stored on a secure flash memory that will automatically protect event clips until they are uploaded via 3G to our secure server.

FNOL Alerts

A hard wired telemetry device detects accelerometer events offering a far greater degree of accuracy when detecting a crash. Within seconds a detailed report is delivered.

Remote Access

The convenience of remotely examining footage without the need to retrieve the camera or vehicle avoids the logistical headache of manual retrieval.

On Demand

Supplementary footage can be requested remotely in longer segments to assess driver behaviour, add further context or evidence to incident footage.

Driver Training

IncidentCam will provide an opportunity to enhance driver behaviour by delivering examples of bad practice and negligence which, if left unchecked, could result in a more serious incident.

Look Both Ways

IncidentCam is compatible with a second camera to deliver internal driver facing footage to encourage driver best practice and enforce vehicle policy.

Insurance Reduction

Video evidence supports the timely settlement of non-fault traffic collisions, which may otherwise have been contested. Leading to future savings on fleet insurance premiums.

Driver Protection

A driver panic button enables the driver to manually trigger an event clip should they feel compelled if an incident is observed which impacts the driver directly or indirectly e.g. road rage.

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